In the heart of Kenya’s vibrant tea industry lies Summer Liner Company Limited, a specialised company that has mastered the art of exporting both Bulk and Value Added Tea. With a strategic focus on expanding global tea exports through intensive marketing efforts, Summer Liner Co. is making waves in the international market. Let’s delve into the essence of this Kenyan company and its commitment to delivering quality tea to tea enthusiasts worldwide.

Kenya, known for its picturesque landscapes, diverse wildlife, and vibrant culture, also holds a significant place in the world of tea. Summer Liner Co. Limited stands at the forefront of this tea renaissance, exporting Kenyan tea treasures to various corners of the globe.

Global Expansion and Strategic Partnerships

A World of Tea Enthusiasts

With a focus on the global market, Summer Liner Co. is expanding its reach far beyond Kenya’s borders. By intensively marketing their products, the company has set its sights on tea enthusiasts from Egypt to Russia, and from Pakistan to Canada. This ambitious approach is fuelled by strategic partnerships that form the backbone of their success.

Forging Valuable Partnerships

Summer Liner Company Limited has recognised the importance of collaboration. Through strategic partnerships with interested buyers in various countries, the company has paved the way for their tea to reach new audiences. These partnerships not only benefit the company but also enrich the tea-drinking experiences of individuals around the world.

Diverse Tea Offerings

From Black CTC to Specialty Teas

Summer Liner Co. has curated a diverse range of tea offerings, ranging from the robust and popular Black CTC teas, including grades like BP1, Pf1, and PD, to more specialized teas such as oolong tea, purple tea, green tea, and white tea. The company’s dedication to variety ensures that there’s a cup of tea to suit every palate.

The Rise of Orthodox Teas

While Black CTC teas have traditionally held a significant market share, the demand for Orthodox teas is steadily rising in international markets. The company’s response to this evolving trend showcases its adaptability and commitment to satisfying the preferences of tea connoisseurs.

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